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07 September 2010 @ 10:22
woke up with a headache today. hopping in the shower soon, mostly to do something about my hair--it's gotten to be a bit ov a mess.

i did two ambient remixes ov dir en grey's 'sa bir' this weekend. one turned out well, the other just turned out okay.

i should have a new ipod by the end ov the week.

ever since i found out that 京 has the idol worship for 清春, i've been meaning to get some 黒夢. i should probably get some more sads stuff, too; i only have their first three albums. the main reason i don't have more, though, is that what i have is 100% official, and it would seem weird downloading the rest ov it--but one ov their albums i can't buy, because it was extremely limited and live only.
also, they kind ov look like ass in the photos for the newest album. then again, 京 looked like ass in atlanta, and he still sounded amazing.
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03 September 2010 @ 14:47
hey kids! i know i've been gone for awhile. not so much lack ov news as lack ov feeling like doïng the lj thing.

the biggfest news is the events ov this monday: i went to atlanta to see dir en grey and apocalyptica. okay, i was really just there for dir en grey, but i had to admit apocalyptica put on a hell ov a show (which they concluded with 'in the hall ov the mountain king'. it was epic).

dir en grey, ov course, was all kinds ov amazing. there were only three disappointments. they were significantly outweighed by all the awesomeness, but hey. i would've been even more ecstatically happy if: a) 京 still had the blonde hair and almost nonexistant facial hair (he had short, spiky black hair and the beginning ov a beard--as teresa put it, he looked like a vietnamese gangster); b) they'd played 'clever sleazoid' (i don't know, i've never liked it much, but i really wanted to hear it monday); and c) they'd played 'hydra -666-' (it was such a metal show, i don't know why they didn't). on the other hand, they played two songs very dear to my heart ('obscure' and '朔 -saku-', which everyöne loves, so i wasn't surprised they played them, but was still thrilled)--and everything they played was fucking amazing.

also: die kept looking at teresa and smiling at her for pretty much the whole show, which was also pretty awesome.

even the venue was amazing; center stage is really well laid out--every fucking seat gives a really good view ov the stage. and we met a pretty nifty young lady in line who has taken some really good pictures ov past shows. we're hoping to hear from her, both because she seemed pretty cool in general, and because we'd like to buy a print ov one ov her pictures.

other news:
my ipod died last saturday. i just bought a used one from one ov teresa's friends, but with the holiday coming up, it'll likely be next friday before it arrives.
my drumkit cord (from the kit to the PA system) died. i don't know how, but it no longer functions. i'm making do using the hi-hat controller cord in its place, since i rarely use the hi-hat, but i need to purchase a replacement as soon as i can.
i sent all the bita and pieces ov 'silence' to doug, he added his bits, and last i knew was about a week ago when he said he was sending it to john and would then send me a rough mix. not sure what happened with all that--i hope we don't miss deadline.
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13 August 2010 @ 11:00
okay, probably not really; it's just a cute phrase i wanted to use. anyway!

finally finished drums for 'silence'; packed them and the vocals into a zip for doug, and it's fucking big. have to get it to him as soon as possible--it may already be too late.

also: i've committed chris and myself to a skinny puppy tribute! we're doïng 'smothered hope', and if this gets easier quickly enough that we finish it with time to spare, we may also do 'far too frail'. i'd really like to do 'testure', but i don't really think i'm 'good' enough (whatever that might mean) to do that one yet. i'll give it a couple years...

in other news: wrestling with chris' printer; i can't print from teresa's computer through the netwrok (i always get unknown errors), and i can't seem to install the necessary fiddly bits to make it run directly from teresa's computer.
poysin disappeared again, about a month ago--we didn't worry much for the first week or so, and then we couldn't find him anywhere. just found out a couple days ago that pretty much everyöne in the neighbourhood's been looking after him, and he's currently at the vet having issues i was unable to take care ov worked out. everyöne knows i don't like people much, especially non-german white people--but right now, i fucking love my neighbours.
spooky is in my lap. her feet are wet because she was just in the tub.
i am wearing intestine socks. yes, they are awesome. more awesome than you can comprehend with your puny human brain.
ann's been getting inside the couch--apparently there was a tear (fixed now) that we hadn't noticed along the right side, so when she was in trouble, she'd run into the couch, and while i looked for her in grumpy confusion, she hissed at me from (as i far as i could see) out ov nowhere. speaking ov my little snowshoe weirdo, she's hanging out next to me. she's a beautiful meow-meow.
i think that's all for now. keep this channel open.
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07 August 2010 @ 18:07
finally got vocals for 'silence' recorded; now i just need to finish processing them and do some drums.

might be doïng a skinny puppy cover soon.

need to get back to work on sefiros remixes and the ambassador album.

not much else goïng on lately, at least not that's noteworthy.
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03 August 2010 @ 14:34
false starts and general failures on 'silence' thus far...and it's supposed to be finished--my part, doug's part, john's part, and (if he's involved in this one, i don't know) varg's part--next month. i hope they've not been waiting for my bits--i don't think they have, or doug would probably have been harassing me all this time.

it was a really busy weekend, expecially saturday--i dragged my ass out ov bed early and spent most ov the day helping the newly-formed preservation SOS group repaint, landscape, and repair an elderly lady's home (i really only did paint-realted work, though, due to my non-existent skillset). i actually had a really good time, and the day was capped by a sudden rainstorm that got all ov us soaked through to the bone--which was also, in its own way, enjoyable.
it was strange working with people who, online, i strongly dislike--and for the most part not knowing who was who. strange and kind ov awesome.

silence. silence. silence. i need to get my fucking vocals down for it so i can send them to doug and start working on drums. so much to do, so little time...
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23 July 2010 @ 18:20
this entry is primarily a way to make a note to myself that i won't lose, but i'm leaving it open because there's nothing secret about it, and it may be interesting to some.

need to find james blish's the city and the stars; read it years ago, one ov my biggest influences. possibly also develop into nova sol concept cycle? one disc for each book...

Cities in Flight
I: They Shall Have Stars
II: A Life for the Stars
III: Earthman Come Home
IV: A Clash of Cymbals

could be epic. ov course, i need to finish ambassador first, and i've quite a ways to go on it...
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19 July 2010 @ 14:08
we spent a fair chunk ov this weekend cleaning the living room and moving a couch and a loveseat into it. in other words, after a lot ov sweat and a lot ov dirt, it looks like a living room again. it's kind ov strange, but i've apparently already gotten used to it--i didn't feel like moving all the crap out ov my room that got thrown into it yesterday, so i read in the living room. it was surprisingly comfy for a non-air conditioned space.

last night we swung by jason campioni's birthday party, but instead ov fellow artists most ov the other guests were obnoxious neighbours and whatnot.

i'm broke again, which is due in large part to the vystar fuckup from a few days ago. my next paycheck has to largely go to rent, but i'm hoping there'll be enough left for a trip to kosta's--i've been hungering for some ov their delicous pasta goodness for a while.

i haven't done anything for 'silence' since the first vocal run-through a week or two ago. i need to remedy that--doug's looking forward to hearing what i do with it, and there's kind ov by way ov a deadline on this one--i keep thinking i have until september, but that's his deadline, so i really need to have usable vocals and drums done by august--which is about a week and a half away at this point. shit.
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16 July 2010 @ 16:03
fucked up what passes for my finances the day before yesterday. it was a combination ov factors: i pulled more money out ov my account than i intended, i had just moved money from my checking to my savings, and two comapnies (papa johns and paypal) took significantly longer to move money than they usually do. result: a $32.00 insufficient funds fee for beïng $10.00 in the red...actually, i got the insufficient funds fee before 9,00 ov that even ran, so i actually got a $32.00 insufficient funds fee for papa johns knocking me a dollar and some change into the red. fucking thanks.

not much else goïng on at the moment, ov course. i still need to record vocals for typozorg cover ov 'silence', and i also need to throw something together for the deadknife all-stars thing...but that's about it right now.
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15 July 2010 @ 15:16
yeah, i know, i haven't posted in a while. i've just been living what passes for my life, and haven't had anything noteworthy goïng on. i'm still breathing though, if anyöne was wondering.

addendum: i just noticed that i failed to answer question 15 on the meme that comprised my last entry, and had left the previous person's answer there. it's fixed now.
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i stumbled across this while in search ov something else. i should really be in bed now, but though i'm tired, i'm not the right kind ov tired to sleep, so.

[01] Who was your first JRock band?

[02] Who is the latest JRock band you've discovered?
probably 凛 -the end of corruption world-, unless the Velvet Eden revival counts as a new band...

[03] Who's your favorite JRock Band?
Dir en grey (yeah, i'm boring like that)

[04] 5 other JRock bands you listen to?
Phantasmagoria; Noir Fleurir; Megaromania; Madieduor; Das:Vasser (yes, i fucking love visual kei)

[05] Are you a fangirl/boy?
i actually do more fanboying over machine rock bands, so not really in this context

[06] If yes, of who?
chemlab, mostly, but that's not really relevant here

[07] What's the first JRock song you heard?
since 'welcome to my babylon' was more ov an electronic intro thing, 'prayer' by Sads.

[08] What's the latest JRock song you heard/downloaded?
a live performance ov (i don't have the kanji for this) 'shoujo no hitomi ni utsuru koukei; by Malice Mizer, from Gackt's First Live, which i downloaded earliër today

[09] Name one JRock song that has a special meaning to you?
i can't think ov anything with especially personal significance to me, but 'ain't afraid to die' by Dir en grey is probably the most beautiful thing i've ever heard

[10] and, why?
the lyrics and the composition and the video?

[11] Name 3 JRock songs you currently cannot stop listening to?
Phantasmagoria : 神歌
Velvet Eden : sad mask
Blood : the reaper behind me

[12] Do you buy JRock magazines?
i own exactly one issue ov Cure, and it's four years old

[13] If yes, which is your favourite?

[14] Have you ever been to any JRock concerts?
no; we don't get many in jacksonville. GPKism was supposed to be here last year, but the show was cancelled because they were snowed in in pennsylvania

[15] If yes, which? If no, who would you like to see?
oops, i forgote to change this one to my answer...there are several i want to see, ov course--Dir en grey, Moi dix Mois, and Velvet Eden are currently at the top ov the list.

[16] Which JRocker are you most in love/lust with?
京, ov course--though kiwamu and dada are both fairly close seconds.

[17] Name 3 JRockers you would like to meet in person?
dada (Velvet Eden); Ray (ネガ); hizaki (Versailles)

[18]What would you like to say to the 3 JRockers you have chosen?
no one thing in particular, i just think conversation would be interesting (if we could get past the language barrier, ov course)

[19] Do you have any JRocker as your desktop bg?
my desktop image changes automatically, but the folder it chooses from has pictures ov Dir en grey, Versailles, ネガ, Aliene Ma'riage, サディ, Rentrer en Soi, Phantasmagoria, UnsraW, Moi dix Mois, Gackt, Malice Mizer, Blood, GPKism, the Candy Spooky Theatre, and probably a couple other i'm forgetting

[20] Do you have any JRocker poster up your wall?
yes; Phantasmagoria, Blood, and GPKism.

[21] What is your latest JRock CD/DVD?
i ordered some blood and GPKism stuff from darkest labyrinth several months ago; Lost Sky, the Reaper Behind Me, Atheos, Barathrum, and Iudicium

[22] How many JRock MP3s do you have?
i have no idea--a lot?

[23] Do you read JRock fanfics?

[24] What is your favourite JRock-related dream?
i haven't had any

[25]If you could marry a JRocker, who would it be?
i wouldn't--not into marriage
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